Nani Hidayati, 2201506002 (2016) RICHARD LAGRAVENESE’S APPRAISAL VIEW IN FREEDOM WRITERS SCREENPLAY. Masters thesis, Universitas Negeri Semarang.

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    Choosing interpersonal diction in a text to suit with its context is very crucial. The appraisal devices can be used as tools to investigate that kind of text, in this case: a movie screenplay. Therefore, this study attemps (1) to find out conveyed messages in the movie from the realization of the appraisal and narrative structure and to describe the use of the Appraisal System to express LaGravenese's (2a) Attitudes, (2b) Engagement & (2c) Graduation towards the main characters in Freedom Writers movie screenplay. The research method used in this study is quantitative and qualitative descriptive, synthesizes and interpretive discourse analysis. Technique of analysis was done by breaking down the screenplay into several lexical chunks, coding them and analyzing them to find out the appraisal devices realizing on the screenplay and the types of Attitude, Engagement, and Graduation that are used then figure out the conveyed massages in it. The result shows that in Attitude the dominant result appears in Negative Emotional State (75,68%) for the distribution of Affect; Negative Capacity for Judgment (65,63%) and Negative Valuation (41,46%) for Appreciation. In Engagement the Denial Disclaim appears dominantly (43,26%) for the distribution of Heterogloss while Monogloss only takes minimal part in it. Graduation result shows that Explicit Raise for the distribution of Force reaches higher (56,36%) than others and for the distribution of Focus, Sharpen Expression appears dominantly (88,20%). The conclusion reveals that (1) there are several messages found in Freedom Writers movie from the realization of Appraisal and Narrative Structure either in the dialogues or monologues of Freedom Writers’ characters. Through good dictions, LaGravenese gives the messages of tolerance, earning respect and trust, honor diversity, and striving for success and trust. It also shows the Appraisal Devices realizing (2a) Attitudes used in Freedom Writers movie are: LaGravenese likes to express characters’ negative emotion explicitly than implicitly. He likes to express characters’ negative capability than other kinds of Judgments. He appreciates the characters using more Negative Value which denotes that in his opinion, they see each other negatively. (2b) Engagement used in the screenplay describes that he emphasizes more on characters’ denial towards each others’ opinion and existence with the use of more Disclaim Heterogloss in the screenplay. (2c) Graduation used in the screenplay describes that the use of more Sharpening Focus indicates he emphasizes on characters’ category boundary more than scaling of intensity.

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