Dyah Noor Yaumi, 2201406616 (2010) (ABSTRAK) THE COHESION OF RECOUNT TEXTS IN LOOK AHEAD FOR TENTH GRADE PUBLISHED BY ERLANGGA. Under Graduates thesis, Universitas Negeri Semarang.


The objective of the study is to find out whether the recount texts in students’ textbook are written cohesively. The title of the textbook is “Look Ahead: an English Course for Senior High School Students Year X”, written by Th. M. Sudarwati and Eudia Grace, published in 2007 by Erlangga. The method I used in this analysis was qualitative with simple quantification based on the analyzed data. In carrying out the analysis, I took all recount texts from the textbook as the object of my analysis. They were then divided into clauses in order to find the cohesive devices. Next, each clause was identified in terms of both grammatical and lexical cohesion. Then, I put the number of cohesive devices into tables based on its types. After that, I counted the number of cohesive devices in the form of percentages. Finally, I made an interpretation based on the result. In the first recount text, the percentage calculations of grammatical cohesion was 75.86% and the lexical cohesion was 81.82%. However, in the second recount text, the percentage of grammatical cohesion was higher than the lexical cohesion. It was 74.89%. Meanwhile, the lexical cohesion was 66.67%. In the third text, the lexical cohesion was the highest, 100%. The grammatical cohesion was 65%. In the fourth and fifth texts, the dominant cohesion was lexical cohesion. They were 75% and 63.33%. Meanwhile, the grammatical cohesion was 53.33% and 63.16%. Furthermore, in the sixth and seventh texts, the dominant cohesion was still lexical cohesion. They were 53.33% and 70%. The grammatical cohesion was only 46.67% and 40%. The averages from all of the recount texts are 59.86% for grammatical cohesion and 72.88% for lexical cohesion. From the calculation, it implies that the analyzed recount texts have good cohesion both grammatically and lexically because almost all the percentages show that the result is more than 50% for both grammatical and lexical cohesion.

Item Type: Thesis (Under Graduates)
Uncontrolled Keywords: cohesion, recount texts, textbook
Subjects: L Education > L Education (General)
P Language and Literature > PE English
Fakultas: Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni > Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris (S1)
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