Himmatunaka, 2250405039 (2011) THE PORTRAIT OF ROMANCE IN THE DUCHESS FILM. Under Graduates thesis, universitas negeri semarang.


ABSTRACT Himmatunaka. 2010. The Portrait of Romance in The Duchess Film. A final project, English Department, Faculty of Languages and Arts, Semarang State University. Supervisors: I. Drs. Ahmad Sofwan, Ph.D. and II. Dra. Rahayu Puji H. M. Hum. Keywords: romance, love, men, women. This final project is about romance as reflected in Saul Dibb’s film entitled The Duchess. The aims of the study are to investigate how the characters in the film portrait their romance. In what way they express their feeling of being in love. And how are the correlations among words, attitudes, actions and setting in a romance. The object of this study is Saul Dibb’s film entitled The Duchess. The data are taken from the script and the video of the film which are relevant to the discussion of the study. The data which taken from the script are in the forms of phrases, sentences, and written dialogues. While the data which taken from the video are in the forms of gestures, actions, pictures, mimics, and settings. The data were collected by watching the film and reading the movie script in several times, identifying, selecting the data from the identified data, and reporting them in separate pages in the appendices. Afterwards, these data were analyzed by descriptive method. The result of the study is the portrait of romance in the film can be analyzed in several aspects. The characters in the film portrayed their romantic side to the women life in the film. They expressed their romantic side in words, attitudes, actions and setting. Then the correlations among them make sure us if someone has special feeling to us. One to another has a correlation which has to be checked to create our understanding and sensitivity deeply. We can see from the data analysis in chapter 4. From the film we can conclude that characters in the film have their own way in expressing their love based on their behaving. Based on the results of the analysis which have also the function as conclusions, some suggestions are offered. First, the readers are expected to respect the glory of love. Second, the readers can get more knowledge about romance and the way of expressing love. Third, this study can be one of the references in supporting their data and they are supposed to present a better description about romance and love. And the last, this film can be used as one of alternative subjects in literary class.

Item Type: Thesis (Under Graduates)
Uncontrolled Keywords: romance, love, men, women.
Subjects: P Language and Literature > PI Oriental languages and literatures > PI1 Indonesia > Sastra
Fakultas: Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni > Sastra Inggris (S1)
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