Intan Puspita Sari, 2250404523 (2011) THE PERSPECTIVE OF AMERICAN MARRIAGE CULTURE IN GARRY MARSHALL’S RUNAWAY BRIDE. Under Graduates thesis, universitas negeri semarang.


ABSTRACT Sari, Intan Puspita. 2010. The Perspective of American Marriage Culture in Garry Marshall’s Runaway Bride. Final Project. English Department. Faculty of Languages and Arts. Semarang State University. First Advisor: Dwi Anggara Asianti, S.S, M.Pd. Second Advisor: Drs. Ahmad Sofwan, Ph.D. Keywords: Marriage culture, American society, the film Runaway Bride Marriage or wedding tradition as a part of human’s culture varies from one tribe to another, not to mention from one nation to another. In America, the wedding traditions and customs have either been taken directly from a wide range of other countries and cultures primarily European. One of the most interesting representations of marriage culture and tradition especially in America in the form of film is Runaway Bride. Marriage customs and traditions hold a central part in this film. It is seen in the preparations, traditions, and customs the main character has to do before conducting the marriage ceremony. The objectives of this study are to explain the marriage culture (customs and traditions), the American society’s perspectives in their marriage culture and the influence of western marriage culture on American women. This final project employs descriptive qualitative study. The data of the study are in the form of dialogues and pictures. I got the data in the following steps: watching the film, reading the script of the film, identifying, inventorizing, and selecting the data. From the analysis, first, I found four types of wedding in this film; they are backyard, chapel, green and couture wedding. Then, I found the activities that the couples do before their wedding are choosing a wedding dress, rehearsal dinner and dance, wedding rehearsal, reception and throwing the bouquet flowers. The second answer is about how the American societies see that marriage, it is a sacred moment for two people who love each other and tie them up in this institution. However, because everything the main character did for her wedding was assumed as a joke and became a bet for people around her. Not only that, but also everything about her is to be commercial. So, it makes a commodity to people when people are talking about her. Then, the last answer is about the influence of western marriage culture on American women from the film Runaway Bride. It has two answers; positive and neutral reaction. It is positive, when they change their behavior so that they have no bad self-confidence anymore and it is to be a good progress to do. It is neutral, when the women can make the choices about what they will do as they want to do. It makes them to be themselves. While they are wives, they still keep in working outside their house. Finally, I hope this study can become additional knowledge to people who love studying literature especially film and it can be inspirations to develop it from different angle, such as the analysis about the comparative of wedding tradition between west and east country.

Item Type: Thesis (Under Graduates)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Marriage culture, American society, the film Runaway Bride
Subjects: P Language and Literature > PI Oriental languages and literatures > PI1 Indonesia > Sastra
Fakultas: Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni > Sastra Inggris (S1)
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