Imagery Found in “In Bloom”, “Lounge Act”, and “Drain You” Song Lyrics of Kurt Cobain.

Yudi Susriyanto Utomo, 2250401507 (2006) Imagery Found in “In Bloom”, “Lounge Act”, and “Drain You” Song Lyrics of Kurt Cobain. Under Graduates thesis, Universitas Negeri Semarang.

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    Yudi Susriyanto Utomo. 2006. Imagery Found in “In Bloom”, “Lounge Act”, and “Drain You” Song Lyrics of Kurt Cobain. Final Project. English Department. Faculty of Languages and Arts, Semarang State University. This Final Project is a study of human feelings. Imagery is images in language that addresses the senses. When someone reads a literary work he should have images in his mind, and if he does not have images, it means he or she doesn’t have any interest in it. The objects of this study are the song lyrics of Nirvana written by Kurt Cobain, they are In Bloom, Lounge Act, and Drain You. The purpose of the study is to identify and analyze imagery reflected in the three song lyrics of Nevermind Album. I used a descriptive qualitative research as a method of this final project since the data are in the form of written utterances, phrases, and words, and they were descriptively analyzed. There were several steps in analyzing the lyrics. Firstly, I read the lyrics repeatedly to understand it and identify the data. Secondly, I listed the data related to the topic and then classified them. The next step was to report the data in order to clarify and analyze the meaning. To find some theories related to the topic of the final project, I used some information from books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and websites. There are six types of imageries, they are: visual imagery, auditory imagery, olfactory imagery, tactile imagery, organic imagery, and kinesthetic imagery found in the lyrics. The results of the analysis showed that those song lyrics have different dominant imageries. And kinesthetic imagery is the dominant one. Finally, by studying and analyzing imagery in “In Bloom”, “Lounge Act”, and ”Drain you” song lyrics of Nevermind Album, I suggest that these lyrics should be given as an alternative topic in the literary class since it has several values to be delivered to students and the lyrics are interesting to be read and to be analyzed.

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