Maulida Eri Isnaeni , 2201413024 (2017) THE CHARACTERISTICS OF FEMALE TEACHERS’ LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH CLASS INSTRUCTION. Under Graduates thesis, Universitas Negeri Semarang.

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Features, Communication Strategies, English Class Instruction This qualitative study employed Conversation Analysis (CA) to investigate The Characteristics of Female Teachers’ Language in English Class Instruction in terms of 10 language features claimed by Lakoff (2004) and 15 communication strategies proposed by Faerch & Kasper (1983). To carry out this research, two female lecturers teaching the Debate class in English Department at Universitas Negeri Semarang were involved as the participants in this study. The researcher took the data in the form of video and audio recordings of the five sessions of naturally occurring classroom interactions between them and their students. The research questions guiding this study were: 1) What language features are characterized female English teachers’ classroom instruction? 2) What communication strategies are used by the female English teachers in maintaining the classroom instruction? In order to answer those two research questions, three video and audio recordings were transcribed and examined using the theory of Lakoff (2004) on women language features and Faerch and Kasper’s (1983) taxonomy of communication strategies. Results indicates that female lecturers used nine out of ten women’s language features as stated by Lakoff (2004) consisting of hypercorrect grammar, rising intonation, hedges and fillers, tag questions, precise terms, super polite forms, intensifiers, empty adjectives, and lack of humor. Then, the only feature they did not apply in their speech was direct quotation. Moreover, the analysis reveals that female lecturers employed eleven communication strategies including topic avoidance, message abandonment, paraphrase, restructuring, literal translation, language switch, mime, confirmation check, clarification request, comprehension check, and repetition. They also did not use four other communication strategies namely generalization, word coinage, approximation, and foreignizing. It is worthy to note that teachers should use the appropriate language features and communication strategies in order to maintain the effective classroom instruction. Also, considering the importance use of communication strategies to cope with the communication breakdowns, teacher might train and teach the students about how to use it while they are facing problems in speaking.

Item Type: Thesis (Under Graduates)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Keywords: Conversation Analysis, Female Teachers, Women’s Language
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L Education > LB Theory and practice of education > LB1603 Secondary Education. High schools
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