Woman Ambitions as Reflected in Charlene’s Lyric I’ve Never been to Me and the Correlation with the Feminist Followers.

Yuni Astuti, 2250403068 (2009) Woman Ambitions as Reflected in Charlene’s Lyric I’ve Never been to Me and the Correlation with the Feminist Followers. Under Graduates thesis, Universitas Negeri Semarang.


This final project is a study of ambitions in life, especially of woman’s. Ambition is just part of what makes up a human being. It is a powerful force and this force always spurs people on and motivates them to move through challenges in life and go after the things they value. The object of this study is a song lyric entitled I’ve Never been to Me by Charlene. I choose the lyric as my research object because it explores much about women's desires in life. It is also very useful for us since we can learn more about human problems and difficulties, especially problems that are faced by women in the world. There are two statements of the problems in this study: (1) How are woman ambitions to get the truth described in the lyric I've Never been to Me?, and (2) What is the correlation of the content of the lyric with the feminist followers?. This study is a qualitative research: therefore, the data are in the form of meanings as drawn from the texts. Thus, the technique means to take words, phrases, and sentences in the text which are relevant to my idea and they are explicated. I did a close reading to know and understand the content of the texts. In doing close reading, I firstly read the texts carefully to understand the deep meaning of the texts. The second was identifying the deep meanings as the raw data. The third was observing the raw data and correlated it with the feminism approach to reveal the answers to the problems of the study. The song lyric I’ve Never been to Me shows that modern life or women’s liberation tries to change women into a better position, they are fighting to get the similar rights as men in order to pursue their freedom of life although it doesn’t always guarantee one’s happiness. As we can see in Charlene’s song lyric, the speaker finally realizes if having an exiting, extraordinary, and free life may cost too much. She has missed out on the really important things that would have made her happy; the love of a man and having children. From the elaboration above, I conclude that women may live in emptiness and without purposes; lost the real happiness which they would have accomplished if they had not been lured by the false ideas of being free in order to find the truth in their life. In fact, having a family, being a housewife and a mother doesn’t mean that a woman doesn’t fight for her rights. They are also regarded as feminist followers. It is because they can work seriously to take care of their children and their family well to build a happy family.

Item Type: Thesis (Under Graduates)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Ambition, Song Lyric, Feminist followers
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