Pederasty: William Shakespeare’s Sexual Disorientation Revealed in His Sonnets

Yudhanita Pertiwi,, 2250405014 (2012) Pederasty: William Shakespeare’s Sexual Disorientation Revealed in His Sonnets. Under Graduates thesis, Universitas Negeri Semarang.

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People have personal life implied in their minds. Most of it are inspiring them that need to be reflected, such as on diary, agenda, etc. As the poets who have much imagination, their personal life can be reflected into their literary works. Regarding to this conception, the main focus of this study is to elaborate the meaning of William Shakespeare’s literary work, his personal life reflected into his literary work; sonnet. In his sonnets, Shakespeare expresses his admiration to a young man. Shakespeare’s abnormal feeling is called pederasty because he, as an adult male admires a young man. This final project has two problems to be explored; those are: (1) how is pederasty described in the sonnets? (2) what factors causes pederasty? In this final project, I employed a descriptive-qualitative method due to the result of the analysis that needs to be explained for a clearer conclusion. The analysis involves qualitative data which are interpreted and reported descriptively. In collecting the data, I used several steps namely reading the sonnets several times carefully and thoroughly, identifying the data, taking inventory of data and classifying the data. In analyzing the data, I used several steps namely exposing, explaining and interpreting. Psychological approach included psychology of author was used in this final project. From the analysis, it was found that the sonnets expressed pederasty implicitly and the factors cause pederasty. Shakespeare used several beautiful words to express his feeling such as spring, fresh ornament and sweet. It is also found that the cause of Shakespeare’s sexual disorientation was the betrayal of his wife. I hope by studying and analyzing pederasty and psychology, we are able to understand that in the society there are many kinds of people includes pederast and also we should respect with the difference in the society. And I believed using sonnet can be an alternative medium in appreciating a literary work since some students love reading sonnet. Moreover, for English department students, it can assist them to make other literary works which employed literary words.

Item Type: Thesis (Under Graduates)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Pederasty, Psychology.
Subjects: P Language and Literature > PQ Romance literatures
Fakultas: Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni > Sastra Inggris (S1)
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