Humor and its Implicature in Nick Zagone’s Play Ohio.

Tri Arie Bowo , 2250405541 (2009) Humor and its Implicature in Nick Zagone’s Play Ohio. Under Graduates thesis, Universitas Negeri Semarang.

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    Humor is widely used as a generic term for everything that appeals laughter. This definition is also suitable for the violation of Cooperative principle/ Implicature which also cause laughter. The object of the study is a Play entitled Ohio. This study focuses on the violation of Cooperative Principle which causes laughter. In this research, the writer would like to achieve three objectives of the study. The first objective is the writer wants to describe how humor is applied in nick Zagone’s play Ohio. Secondly, the writer would like to find out what kind of humor is reflected in the play. The last objective is the writer would like to describe the Implicature of the humorous expression which is being applied on the play. The writer used a descriptive qualitative research as a method of his study since the data were in the form of written words and they were descriptively analyzed. There were several steps in analyzing Humor and its Implicature in Nick Zagone’s play Ohio. The first step is reading the play script in order to understand the play. Secondly, the writer separating the data and non data by marking, underlining, and bracketing of the data or usually called identifying. Third steps, the writer list all the identified data and put them in tables or inventorying. The final steps, the writer analyzes the data and tries to explain the humorous expression through the theory presented by expert or analysis. From the analysis, the writer finds that in Nick Zagone's play Ohio, humor is being applied in two ways which is in the form of word (humor of word) and in the form of situation created by the author (humor of situation.). In relation with its form, the writer found 7 form of humor which is reflected in the play, they are Repartee, Sarcasm, Mimicry, Irony, Burlesque, Wit, and Satire and in correlation with Implicature, the writer found 4 violation of Cooperative Principle or later being called Implicature, they are the violation of maxim of quantity (Quantity Implicature), the violation of maxim of quality (Quality Implicature), the violation of maxim of Relevance (Relevance Implicature), and the violation of maxim of manner (Manner Implicature). By studying the Humor and Implicature the writer found the composition in producing humor and in the future, the writer wished that there will be more study in the world of humor because it can temporarily makes us forget our sorrow, it takes us away from our burden and lead us to the nice and friendly universe. Someday, the writer wishes that humor can't only be enjoyed but it also able to be studied in order to preserve it and finally to reproduce humor.

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