Superstition of Number “23” as Revealed in Jim Carrey’s Film The Number 23

Graha Pantara,, 2250405071 (2009) Superstition of Number “23” as Revealed in Jim Carrey’s Film The Number 23. Under Graduates thesis, Universitas Negeri Semarang.


This final project is about superstition of number “23” as revealed in Jim Carrey’s film The Number 23. The aims of the study are to analyze the superstition about number “23” that shown in the film and to find the proofs that the number “23” is not a cursed number. I use deconstruction approach in conducting the study. The sources of the study are the script and the video. The data taken from the script are in the form of phrases, sentences, dialogues, explicit sentences, and hidden meanings. While from the video, data are in the form of mimic, time of event, location, and pictures. The data are collected by reading and watching the film, and then I try to identify the data that relates to the statement of problems. After identifying all the data, I inventory the dialogue and picture into a table. The next steps are classifying the data, and selecting the classified data. In selecting the data, I select and look up the classified data in the form of appendices based on the statements; what are superstitions about number “23” that shown in the film, and what are the proofs that the number “23” is not a cursed number. From the analysis the writer concludes that, this film reflects the anxiety of a person about number, that he calls cursed number. The anxiety of the number we call paranoia. It occurs in people’s life that sometimes means good or bad. The film shows that there is no relation between the number”23” and death. Reversely, the number shows faithful, loyalty, and good things in our life. The mystery of the number”23” that is written in the book is just a coincidence. Book is made by human, and human might make mistakes. Whatever destiny that occurs in our life is written by God. By studying and analyzing The Number 23 film, the writer thinks that his finding hopefully used as a reference for those who are interested in analyzing film, especially thriller film about superstition. Besides, this paper can stimulate a further research related to literature and another aspect of our daily life, especially about superstition of number.

Item Type: Thesis (Under Graduates)
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Fakultas: Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni > Sastra Inggris (S1)
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